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I’m Here To…

Yesterday I started a journey towards a greater and more focused life (The Success Principles – 62 Step Challenge). I’ve decided to follow Jack Canfield’s 62 steps to bring greater success into my life. For those of you who missed it, the book is called The Success Principles and it’s now day 2!

Be Clear Why You’re Here

After yesterday’s big start, I was again shocked by this chapter. The basis for this section is that you know why you are doing what it is you are doing, rather than blindly going through life.

The great question is: What’s the why behind everything you do?

Isn’t this one of those questions that you’re supposed to just know the answer to? If not, don’t you just quickly come up with something like, “To help people” or “To make the world a better place?” If these really are your “WHY” then you’re far ahead of everyone else. So far, most people I know have a why that sounds more like, “just get by on the salaries we’ve got an blow any savings on stuff like iPods and other toys!”

Beyond Family

As I began to think about this I realized that although I am not the spendthrift like many people I know, I still don’t have a clear purpose in life. Let’s be clear here: I will put everything into making sure my children grow up to be strong, successful, caring and independent adults and that my wife has the happy, fulfilling and joyous life she deserves but what’s my broader purpose? What is it that drives me to succeed on a micro and macro level?

Greed. Oops, that was my evil side talking…

Seriously, I’m not sure that I’ve come up with anything that fits me 100% but following the process in the book, here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Two unique personal qualities: Creativity and Intelligence
  • Expressing those qualities: Inspire, Educate and Motivate
  • A perfect world: Everyone is openly expressing their wants and needs. Everyone is active, positive and motivated to succeed. Everyone is focused on supporting their family and in achieving their goals.

My Purpose:

My purpose is to use my creativity and intelligence to inspire, educate and motivate people to live successful, active and happy lives and strive to reach their personal, family and business goals.

Not a bad first try. It may need a little tweak here and there but at least I’ve got something to work with.

Advice from Raymond

I was listening to the Raymond Aaron Real Estate Course in the car yesterday and he talked about knowing what your supposed to be doing before you make decisions that affect your future. In his example, it was around business goals. If you’ve got business goals (a purpose) then before making any decisions you should ask yourself: Does this move me closer to my goal or further away? If the anwer is further away, you’ve got your easy answer.

I like this question because it takes your purpose and moves it to the next level. Asking yourself why you’re doing something is a moment that almost no one takes but would benefit everyone!

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