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Organization and other difficult things

I’ve experienced first-hand the stress that comes with disorganization. As I mentioned in a previous posting, I have been having my house painted for the last few days.

That means that everything that is normally in it’s spot is now distributed across the house in baskets and other containers. Finding the cell phone recharger takes 15 minutes because you need to look in a few different drawers, baskets etc. It also means that I am continually bumping into things when I trek downstairs to grab a water in the middle of the night. I truly believe in the saying that “The shin is a useful tool for finding things in the dark!”

Major Projects

Beyond just this disorganization, I’m also spinning my wheels trying to keep up with the workload at the office. I’m involved in a few major projects on top of the daily contact with my clients and associated partners. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Everything in life is going very well. It just seems like I’m in a bit of a period of ‘world-on-shoulders’ and I’m trying to figure out a way to get caught up.

I was speaking with a colleague the other day regarding organization. In fact, it’s her dream to become a personal organizer to help people exactly like me. She had some ideas about storage and categorizing things. After listening to her, I realized that storage wasn’t my problem.

My Wife Knows Me

I remembered a great line that my wife told me. She said that I was too much like the IKEA commercial where the little milk container isn’t being thrown away because of sentimental reasons. She said that when you get rid of old stuff you make way for new memories.

As I thought about this, I realized how much it’s true. I have a lot of things that have absolutely no value aside from the memories that they hold. In fact, I have a few boxes of such stuff. Maybe my problem is that my memory is too good for my own good! I can literally remember the W5 for every little junky item I have.

Guess what? It’s time to clean house and remove the stuff. I think that I will be removing a great weight from my shoulders as well.

On the same subject, I’ve also hired a house cleaner to start cleaning once every two weeks. (No this doesn’t mean that I’ll save up the dishes for 14 days!) With these types of small items off my plate, I can focus my down time on the family and other things I love. Just one more thing to try and free up time.

Wow what a rant!

I’d love to know your organization techniques. Just when I think mine are working, I run into a month like this!

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