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The Success Principles – 62 Step Challenge

I’ve been reading Jack Canfield’s book, The Success Principles, for the last few days and I realized the great opportunity that I am passing up by not writing about it. This book is basically structured into about 62 chapters – each teaching a different life lesson.

The thing I like about it is that you can spend a few minutes reading and get through a whole chapter (makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere.)

I’ve got through a number of chapters and I can honestly say that this may be one of the first motivations/life changing books I’ve read that really gives you the why and how behind the change.

I had the opportunity to see Jack Canfield speak about a month ago and, based on his presentation, it looks like he may actually have something great to teach!

I am contantly trying to discover my own motivations and, if possible, help other people as well. To do this, I’m going to be writing about my thought process throughout this book and how the changes I hope to implement are affecting my life.

Some days I may write about one and some days I may write about a bunch in a row. Either way, I’d love to hear your own stories about it and which direction you would choose.

Let’s get started with chapter 1:

Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

I think it’s great to start a book with a contrarian perspective to that of the general population. I figure that if you can’t read this chapter, understand what it’s saying then start taking responsibility then the rest of the book is worthless to you.

Canfield says that people in today’s society are conditioned to blame others on their failures. They blame media, friends, bosses, spouses, kids, co-workers, etc. etc. etc. for their problems.

Eat the Rich
One interesting story I have is about a guy I once worked with. This guy and his wife are the chronic spenders and wasters of money. They can barely make ends meet yet find the money to buy a new chair for the livingroom or cell phones or other electronics. Although the guy works pretty hard, he has absolutely no money management skills.

One day I was talking to him about some guys that started a business and had become successful. They weren’t much older than us and had litterally hit the jackpot. When we talked about their new-found wealth, all this guy could say was: Don’t you hate rich people?

At first I laughed. I thought he was saying it in the way you say you hate lottery winners because they stole your jackpot. Apparently he wasn’t. He bagan to talk about greed and people having too much money and not paying enough taxes etc. All I could do was sit there and listen to him talk about how evil the rich were because they didn’t share their money.

Talk about deflecting blame off yourself! While we’re at it, let’s blame cell phone makers for building their products thus forcing us to buy. We can also blame all restaurants for making us buy food for a higher price than at home. I’d personally like to blame my family for not working harder so I could inherit all of my wealth rather than work for it myself!

While this guy will probably be stuck in the same situation forever, here are some things we should be doing to Take 100% Responsibility:

  • Give Up Blaming
  • Give Up Complaining
  • Give Up Excuses
  • Create Your Life (Don’t let it just happen to you)

It’s Your Choices That Matter
As Jack mentions, when handed $400 cash you have two basic options. The first is to spend it on something. This may be a night on the town (you are now broke) or it may be an investments in stocks (you have increased your net worth.)

If you look back 10 years and you don’t have anything saved, do you blame yourself or should you blame your kids for having too many toys, your friends for going out too much, the economy for not paying you enough or one of 1,000,000 other reasons?

Looking Back

I can’t imagine someone who hasn’t tried to pass blame on to external sources at least once in their life. I have done it many times. Well guess what? That all ends today.

I am going to commit to banish the thoughts of blame from my head and understand that everything in my life is as a result of the choices I’ve made in my past.

That felt good just writing it out!

What does this mean? It means that I am going to stop looking back and where my decisions have brought me. The only thing that matters is how I am going to take my current situation and turn it into the future that I want!

Have You Joined The 62 Step Challenge?

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