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Where to begin?

I’m not sure how I can explain my sudden disappearance from the blogging world. It was as if one day I was enjoying myself and making sure to write something new each day, then WHAM. I just stopped. I don’t think it was anything specific that directed me. It just seemed that all of a sudden I didn’t find the time or energy to get back on the computer and write.

As I look back at the last few posts, I realized that at about the time I stopped, I had just had my house painted and had everything in total disarray. I moved my computer into a less central area of my house and didn’t even get it hooked up for a month (I relied on my business laptop.) Even this is a poor excuse.

The thing that made me start writing today is, well, I’m not sure why. I’ve sat down a few times over the past two months and started to write but simply lost my desire and left the thought unfinished. I guess I thought that whatever I would write after leaving for so long would need to be mind-blowing and completely original. Guess what? I decided that if I was going to wait until the perfect moment, I may never get anything done in my life.

I suppose I actually missed getting my ideas down here and interacting with people around the web. Who knows if I’ll get any of my original readers back but I suppose that’s my own fault.

I guess if there is a lesson in all of this: if you’re going to get your house painted, be prepared with a month’s worth of posts ready to go!!!