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Do You Know Your Strengths?

As I mentioned in my previous posting, Play To Your Strengths with Marcus Buckingham, I have begun the journey towards focusing on my strengths and removing those aspects of my career that utilize areas that I am weak.

When I say this, what I mean is that I’ve decided to take control over my career (again), get rid of the auto-pilot and really push my goals forward. To do this, I’ve latched onto a growing “Strengths Movement” that has been developed over time, but has more recently been brought forward by Buckingham.

The Strength Movement
To summarize the strength movement, I guess I would personally describe it as,

Aiming your life in a direction that allows for a continual use of the talents and strengths that are most prominent, bring you the greatest sense of accomplishment and helps you create a successful life.

Based on the strengths finder profile, I should be moving my life in a direction that uses:

  • Futuristic- inspired by the future and what could be and inspire others to the same
  • Strategic – create alternative ways to proceed and can spot relevant patterns
  • Ideation – facinated by ideas and able to find connections in seeminly disparate phenomena
  • Intellection – characterized by intellectual activity and appreciate intellectual discussions
  • Activator – can make things happen by turning thoughts into actions (often impatient)

It’s good to know what I should be moving towards. Just last week, my brother and I were discussing things that we are passionate about. I came up with a number of things but most prominent was my indoor soccer. As you can imagine, we had a good laugh and decided that there probably wasn’t a lot of money in playing indoor rec league soccer.

What I realized was that the passion that I have during soccer is in the competition of the game and the friends I play with.

So my next step is to figure out how to spot futuristic trends and patterns by combinding different ideas then motivating others around me through discussion while taking action on my ideas (and play soccer on the side!)

Let’s see what I can do!

PS. Thanks to Dan at dcrblogs.com for pointing out my problem in his post The Secret Behind The Secret. I guess I did lose sight of what I wanted.

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