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Goal Setting

Have You Created Your Vision Board Yet?

For any of you out there who have read The Secret, you’ll know what I’m talking about. John Assaraf tells a story about the power of creating an image of the things you want so you you will attract it. He and his son discover a series of Vision Boards in his office and, after opening the box, John realizes that he is actually living in the house that he had added to his vision board years previous.

As you know from my previous post Positive Results From The Secret, I am using the theories from The Secret in my life. What amazed me is how long it took for me to actually act on creating this vision board.

The Results

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Not only did I have a good time but it definitely motivates you when it’s up and you see it each morning!
Vision Board creation inspired by The Secret

I originally purchased a piece of drawing paper to put the images on. It cost about $2.00 but I was never truly happy with the decision. About 3 months later, I was talking with my wife about creating the vision board. She asked what was holding me back. Could I really say that it was because I didn’t have a good enough piece of paper? We drove straight to Staples and got a 24X36 piece of foam board and I got to work.

I really suggest that everyone make one. When it’s done, link back to this page and let me have a look!