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What Do I Want To Do With My Life?

Have you ever had one of those months? Everything at work seems to be going slow or even badly? As you can imagine, I’m in the middle of one of those…

I’d like a little advice from people on this one. How do you handle people who are difficult to work with or do not seem to care about moving themselves or the company forward?

I’m looking for some great thoughts on this topic because, to tell you the truth, I can’t stand the standard advice of

just ignore them and they will go away

Guess what? It doesn’t happen!

Think about it from this point of view. I am a very positive person who always tries to see the positive side of things. Recently, I’ve been in a number of situations where I just feel like I am being dragged backwards by people around me. It’s not the type of situation where I can simply find different people to work with or that type of thing. I truly don’t mind my job and usually look forward to getting my work done. The part that is driving me crazy is such a cliche I hate to use it: Two steps forward, one step back!

A Broader Topic
Maybe this just comes down to a need for me to express myself a little more outside of work and get my mind focused on other things. In years past I’ve been active with desiging websites, real estate investing and my artwork. Recently, as you can guess, I’ve been less active with my external things and have been specifically focused on the job and career.

As I think back, maybe this has been an ongoing problem for me over the last few years. I have been looking forward to creating businesses and real estate ventures and now that all that is temporarily on hold, I’ve got nothing to make me feel that I am working towards something greater than myself.

The Big Question
Earlier today, I went for lunch with a director in the company and he asked me about my personal growth plan for the next one to five years. As I thought about it, I realized that my personal growth plan five years ago (continue to advance my personal finance and investing education) had been fulfilled and I was at a loss as to where to go next. I came up with a few things specific to my web businesses but I didn’t really have a good answer for him.

Everything I talked about was in things I wanted to do; rather than growth that I wanted to obtain.

I guess this is just a rant. Maybe I’ll solve some of these issues on the ride home tonight!

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