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Saving Money – 101, 202 and 303

Here are a few ways that I have recently saved a little extra money or made some substancial long-term savings.

Saving Money 101 – Ask for a discount

Yesterday, my wife and I were out shopping and we decided that we needed a couple of new pillows. We walked into a store and liked the feather down pillows. After hearing the price, we started to re-think how much we needed them! My wife simply looked at the sales person and said, “can you give us a discount on the pillows?” The sales person thought for a moment and said, “yeah, I can give you 50% off of the most expensive one.”
For no extra effort, we saved a large percentage of the total price.

Saving Money 202 – Don’t throw away your rebates or small floater cash

I purchased some contact lenses about a month ago and they came with a mail-in rebate for $75. I think that this falls into the whole range of BS items but that’s the world we live in so I claimed my money. It made me start to think about all the discounts and rebates that people never take the time to claim. Also, think about all those $1 or $5 left on gift cards and other little bits of PayPal cash that’s sitting out there. Spend it, invest it or donate it; just don’t throw it away!

Saving Money 303 – Get all the information

About a month ago, I called the bank that holds my student loans. I wanted to confirm the balance etc. and I asked the person if he wouldn’t mind reducing the interest rate on my loans (a shot in the dark!). At first he didn’t understand – told me I could reduce the payment – but then said that they were not allowed to reduce the interest rates on student loans regardless of credit score or financial situation (no shock there). I could have left it there but I asked one more question: “is there anyone who is paying a lower interest rate than I am?” He thought about it for a second and said, “well, people who have their loans guaranteed by another can reduce their interest by 0.50%”
I asked if my wife would qualify. He said yes. Although I won’t comment on how stupid this system is, why wouldn’t everyone do this? It’s free money!

I’d be very excited to hear of other ways to save money. Please leave a comment an let me know where you’ve made some big gains with very little effort.

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