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Starting a New Journey in Piapot

Recently, a colleague of mine decided to close one part of his life and move on to another. He left the city and a number of different IT consulting jobs to open a hotel/bar in a small Saskatchewan, Canada town.

His mid-life career change made me think about my own situation. I have recently begun to expereince more success on my internet ‘side-project’ and know that the future holds great things there. At the same time, I am also seeing a larger degree of success in my current career, so that direction also looks positive. That being said, I find myself living vicariously through this friend of mine. I’ve often wonder what I would do if I said goodbye to it all, picked up my family and moved on.

If you’re looking for answers here then you’ve read the wrong blog today! As you already know I have many different interests and look to continually improve myself. I suppose it really comes down to figuring out what you want to do with your life and then taking the risk when an opportunity presents itself.

For a final plug, if you’re ever in Canada, taking a trip down the Trans-Canada highway through Piapot, Saskatchewan, make sure to stop in and grab a drink at the Piapot Saloon and Guest House.

Have a look at my friend’s blog at blog.piapothotel.com.

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