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He quit reading on page 21

I purchased the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker last week at a second hand store. I was very happy to get it (and a number of other great business books) for only $2.00 each. When I arrived at home I began to flip through the books reading headings, chapter titles etc.

Upon first opening the book, I saw underlines, scribbles and other “highlights” that looked something like this:
Harv Eker Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
I started to get a little worried. Although someone had taken the time to point out the important sections of the book – a executive summary of sorts – I still like to read it myself. Just when all seemed lost, I reached page 21.

It all stopped.

No more scribbles. No more writing. No more Very Imp. on the side.

Of course, being an optimist I want to believe that after the first 20 pages, the previous owner of this book was so enthralled by the material that he read straight through the night. No pen or highlighter. Just the reader and T. Harv Eker.

What really happened

Mr. Motivation attended a seminar and bought this book (I think this because it is signed by the author.) He got home and told his wife and friends how excited he was about making a million dollars by the end of the month. After a short bought of laughter, he grudgingly went to the “home office” (most likely a basement desk and computer) to read his book.

After teaching everyone a lesson about how committed he was he reached page 19. This is the portion of the book that starts to talk about “Verbal Programming.” Wait! This isn’t telling me the step-by-step method to becoming rich! He reads one more page and goes to bed.

Blown out of proportion

Of course, as usual I’m taking this to the extreme. I could be way off and the guy was actually a real live millionaire who was keeping up with the competition. That being said, doesn’t this show you why only 1% of the population reach the status of super wealthy and something like 90% end up retired broke?

Just imagine what could have been learned on page 22.

Please note: I have been to see T. Harv Eker and he is a very good motivational speaker. I also picked up his Business Mastery courses (another great garage sale find!) and they are excellent.

** As of this moment, I have still not fully read this book – currently on page 1.

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