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Goal Setting

I’m a Red

I found out that my personality color is red. Basically there are five main things you need to know when communicating with me (according to the 23 page profile):

  • Move swiftly from topic to topic
  • Be straightforward, fast, efficient and to the point
  • Be ready to ignore his seemingly arrogant behavior
  • Recognize his personal drive for achievement
  • Be enthusiastic and positive

Here are some don’ts:

  • Try to hoodwink or mislead
  • Be dull, dour or redundant
  • Impose a “can’t be done” or defeatist attitude
  • Be indecisive or unclear
  • Tell him what to do or how to do it

I’ve taken many personality, IQ, Strengths and EQ test over the years. The best thing I’ve learned from them all is that knowing all about your personality is a fun hobby but, it can become a powerful tool if applied properly.

Do you use the information to react differently to those around you? Do you ask more questions to find out about others to see where your personality is compatible and contrary? Have you used it to direct your career or online business towards a future that fits your style?

Solving Me
From my test, I realize that I can come across as a little arrogant when I have set my mind on something. I also know why I get bored during the small-talk sections that happen at the beginning of every meeting. Based on this, I’ve tried to be more understanding of other people’s opinions and take the extra moment to see their point of view. I’ve also decided that if I can’t stop the chatter before each meeting, at least I can focus it once we begin.

Like everything else you do, use the many tests available out there to really transform your life and push it even further forward.

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