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What to do with my first $1,000,000?

I’m probably jumping the gun a little but I really think I need to have a backup plan just in case I don’t reach my short-term target of a $10,000,000 net worth. What if I only end up at $1,000,000? I need to think about these things!

1. Celebrate
When I’ve hit this traditionally “rich” milestone there’s only one thing to do…get out there and celebrate! I think it would involve a great dinner of Lobster and/or other assorted seafood, partnered with a perfectly complimented wine and desert. I’m thinking that this meal would work best in Hawaii or some other island in the Pacific. Of course, the family will be there (if they want to buy their own tickets) but the meal is on me.

2. Upgrade the Garage
I think I’ve written about this before but I’m really not a “car guy.” I don’t feel the need to impress with my things – especially my vehicle (aka: depreciating asset.) I’m pretty sure that I would be looking for something in the Hybrid, Motorcycle, Boat category. I’m not picky so I’d probably get one of each.

3. Home Improvement
I’ve checked the by-laws in my local area. Unfortunately, my current property does not allow for a 3 car garage. Rather than keep the bike and boat out in the snow, I’d probably need to upgrade the entire property. If I’m going to change from a simple mild-mannered blogger into a local celebrity – and all the high society parties that come with it – I’m going to need a better “entertaining” house. It still needs to be child friendly but you can pay people to do that, right?

4. Wardrobe
Here is something that is really lacking right now. Most of my clothing has a nice layer of play dough or moon sand so it’s time to upgrade. I’d love to be able to dress nicer and, since the Beckhams will be arriving shortly, I’ll need a little more Metroesque threads in the wardrobe. Hopefully Georgio can help me out in a pinch.

5. Accessories
I was in a little jewelry store a few months ago and I found the watch that I wanted. It was truly the watch I had been looking for. I asked the clerk how much it cost. He said,


Not bad I thought.

Sixteen hundred?


Sixteen thousand

He didn’t even ask if I wanted to try it on!
I’d go back, ask to try on the watch. Ask for the price and then tell him:

I’m looking for something in the thirty-thousand range. Thanks anyways…

Reality Check
I think that after all that, I’d be back trying to add another zero to that Million. Luckily I would have a ton of free time on my hands after being fired from work for running through the office screaming, “I’m Free! I’m Free!”

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