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Why Procrastinating Sucks

I have had an amazing August and September.

Off the top, I took a great waterfront holiday with my family. We were on the beach, out in the boat and simply enjoying the great family time and playing a little Wii in the evenings. We did a very short yet amazingly fun hike which has yet to impress a colleague of mine who completed the Inca Trail during the same period. The weather was great and the only thing wrong with the trip was that it was too short.

How does this relate to my title?

It doesn’t but this is a blog and people like to know that there is a human writing on the other end of these things… Here’s how it relates:

On August 8th, a main competitor of my company did the best thing that a competitor can do – they went bankrupt and canceled each and every contract they had with their customers (over 20,000 of them). I and my company were very happy to jump into the fray and add our services to their now non-existent supplier. I am very happy with the results and I was able to maintain my honest approach to the market and not take advantage of my new clients.

Backing up a month to July, I spent a great deal of time going through all my old files, desk paper and other items. It took a lot of time but I was able to get organized and was ready to start the fall strong. Little did I know that I would be up to my eyeballs in work starting August 8th and wouldn’t quit until mid-September. If I hadn’t been caught up, I would have been sleeping there every night.

Where I learned not to procrastinate

I once listened to an audio book by Raymond Aaron. In it, he tells a story about being asked to author the Canadian version of Chicken Soup for the Soul. In the book, he states that a person who authors one of the Chicken Soup books will earn on a minimum $1.0 million dollars. The owners (Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield) said that he could start at any time that he was ready. Raymond Aaron kindly told them that he could start tomorrow. Their reply was that it was a huge project and that he should take time to get his things in order. Aaron’s response was,

I don’t leave things out of order because I want to be able to take advantage of an opportunity without worrying about things I haven’t done.

(this is a quote as far as I can remember it.)

After I listened to this, I knew that I wanted to change. Yes, even I was like most people out there who put off the big or uncomfortable things to take care of all the little easy stuff. Although I’m still not there, it’s a goal of mine to get things done so great opportunities will never need to wait.

Just think back to all the days that you’ve stayed late or have been up late working because “something came up unexpectedly” and your had to catch up. I hate that feeling…

Have a great night!

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