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Blogging for business success

When I talk about blogging for business, I’m not talking about the traditional ‘make money online’ methods. I’m talking about helping your current ofline business make money using blogging and social media as a tool.

A seminar I attended

Earlier today I was at a seminar where the speaker presented a number of methods for using the web for business. As the ‘expert’ he had some very generic information about blogging, twitter, podcasts etc. One of the people in the audience asked a question about his own industry:

I am in the heavy machinery industry and all of our products and designs are custom and proprietary so I can’t post details on the web. What should I do?

The speaker stopped for a second then said,

Well first you’ll need to figure out what you can do.


That’s why I’m asking you

As I sat there in a very uncomfortable silence across the room, the speaker quickly came up with some ways to secure your blog so only customers can find the information – completely counter to the rest of the presentation!

Here is my advice:

Blogging for business is not simply a sales tool where you try to blast your products in every post. What he should have told the guy was that they should take a hard look at their best clients, the issues that they face and blog about that. Keep adding content with a focus on the industry that you supply – issues, success stories, events etc.

Imagine being in a large organization and you’re comparing two different suppliers. You run a quick Google search on each.
Company #1 (Your competitor): has their website brochure telling you how great they are.
Company #2 (You): has over 200 articles about your industry, issues and solutions. They have a brochure site that has hundreds of links throughout back to specific articles. They have people commenting, reading and using their information.

Who do you think that they would choose? If we’re trying to get past price in each industry, this is the way to do it.

That’s what he should have said but didn’t…

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