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Goal Setting

Being an ‘A’ Player


Can you operate at a peak level? Surround yourself with A level people

Soaring with Eagles
A friend of mine has always had great ‘luck’ in her career. She was recruited early, ended up as a leader in her group, was re-recruited for a new leadership position and then promoted again. Next, came the transfer to a higher position and now is regularly meeting amongst some of her previous colleagues in an ongoing high-level leadership group. Wow.

I have always called her an All-Star, but I realized that it’s much more than just her skills that bring this level of success. When she was first recruited, her mentor was a person who played at an ‘A’ level and surrounded herself with ‘A’ people. The next big move up was initiated by another ‘A’ player who also gathered others with similar characteristics and drive. This type of pattern isn’t an accident and her high achievement isn’t either.

When a person is surrounded by top performers, they will almost always have a greater opportunity to shine. Although positions and careers are different, when great people gather, great things happen! (Just check out a TED event) It has a compounding effect on more than just the job output. These groups multiply ideas, motivation, drive, goals and dreams. More importantly, it helps create new grand ideas for what success means to the individual.

Make your own luck
If your workplace has this type of environment then you’re already ahead of the game. If not, then it’s you who must take the first step towards the goal. You must embrace a consistent yet targeted way of moving through a career – not only being attracted and surrounding yourself with peak performance but, even more importantly attracting other peak performers to you.

If you’re not getting to this level at work, then it’s time to do a review of your goals. Of course, another option is to get out in the community and find yourself a group of people who do great things. Volunteer or form a group of like-minded people. Remember, it’s up to you – no one will do it for you.

In a previous post Do You Know Your Strengths? I began my journey of focusing on what supercharges me. With this in mind, I can find the right people (at work and outside of work) who can partner with me in achieving the highest level of success.