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My Top 1010 Ideas from SMBYYC

As promised via twitter during the event earlier today – and taking a quick piece of advice from the speaker Chris Garrett (@chrisgarrett or chrisg.com) – I created my own Top Ten ideas from the Social Media Breakfast Calgary #29.

During the event, Mark (@yycmortgageguy) asked me to: “Try a top 9 or 11.5 to be different and create an interesting list.”

So here it is, my Top Ten list as numbered in binary and some tweets that I liked as well.

Having the opportunity to share ideas by meeting a whole bunch of great Calgary Bloggers and Social Media Professionals in one place!

People do not like to be sold to (or should we say sold at?) Interruption marketing is an old and unpleasant way to do business. The new model is based on getting permission and then, once the interest and acceptance is achieved, convert them into a fan and customer.

Instead of interrupting people, attract people. Make what you do relevant to them and then they’ll take action #smbyyc

People need to know your story or something more interesting than a simply fact sheet. If you’re trying to sell value, make sure that they can relate to you, your product or the company.

Before you start any content marketing efforts, know what your story is and know how you want to tell it. #smbyyc

Starting to look at everything you write or produce from the point of view of the customer. What are their interests? If they want higher Internet speed and better HDTV, don’t spend money trying to sell them on the benefit of a long distance plan.

“Talk to your customers. What u think they want could be different than what they actually want.”@chrisgarrett Agreed!!! #smbyyc

Learning more about Google’s new page rank/SEO metrics: they want to know the neighborhood you play in. That means that you need quality links (not bought – never bought!) from equally trustworthy sources.

Google also has trust issues (so make sure your online ‘neighborhood’ and reputation are positive ones)! @chrisgarrett #smbyyc


The importance of building trust with your readers and customers. It’s not just about giving them loads of text; they need to trust the information you’re providing and then want even more.

Not enough just to be visible. You need to establish like and trust #smbyyc

It’s impossible to control what people say about you. The best defense is to ensure that you’ve created the venue or a forum for them to give feedback that you can respond to. This also means that you don’t simply ignore the bad and promote the good – turn it all into an opportunity.

Give people a place to air their grievances where you can hear it and respond. #smbyyc And make sure you do something about it.

Getting back to basics is important for keeping your market interested. Great content can’t be purchased for $10 an article and must be created for your market. Retweets and quotes are nice to read but original material is always going to get people engaging with you.

Remember- content is the bread and butter of social media- @chrisgarrett #smbyyc

Having someone ask the exact question I was thinking – thus saving me the trouble: How do you show the value of a social media campaign to people who are still thinking traditional advertising? (Thanks @jennahib)

And finally,

Hearing about a mankini not once but twice in 60 minutes and knowing with 100% certainty that I won’t hear about that again for at very long time.

No tweet here although I’ll give a shout out to @chrisgarrett and @kevinhayesca!

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