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A Very Merry Unbirthday (Celebrating Life On Purpose)

Celebrate an UnbirthdayYesterday morning, as I walked into my office I was greeted to a wonderful chorus of friendly “Happy Birthday” messages. By the time I got to my desk, I had also discovered that there was a lunch planned for the whole group in my honor.

At first, it took me by surprise. It’s not because my birthday is a secret or anything like that. No, it was mainly due to the fact that my Birthday is not for another 4 months!

Apparently, the nephew of our Director is also named Ryan and this lead to an impromptu celebration for my big day. Of course, playing up the role (and never turning down a free lunch) we all enjoyed the humor – and the free food.

Turn Life’s Events Into a Celebration

As I sat at the table wondering what type of presents I wasn’t going to get, I realized how much I was enjoying the group and lunch. That also made me think about all the time you spend in life moving from one moment to the next and not celebrating!

When was the last time that you celebrated your life?

Was this a particularly special day for any reason?


Did a random mistake make me feel pretty special for a little while?


Create Your Own Special Events

To pay forward the fun of an impromptu day, here are some other ideas for adding some variety to your life and making someone else feel great in the process:

Celebrate an Unbirthday
Mark your calendar on a random day then grab your friends and treat someone to lunch. Pick one of those people in your office that you may have never had the chance to know but always wanted to.

Get to know each other
Get a few of your close colleagues together and plan to have a “getting to know you” party. Ask questions that go beyond the surface – favorite sports team, vacation spots or television shows – and really find out about your friends.

Sample Questions

  1. Are you Superstitious? Give and Example.
  2. When you have no immediate concerns, where does your mind wander?
  3. What books are you reading these days?
  4. What do you consider your best quality?
  5. When are you most comfortable or at ease with yourself?
  6. What’s the most important thing about you
  7. If you could spend one hour doing anything what/where would it be?

Have a “Conspiracy Theory Party”
I once threw a Conspiracy Theory Party over a couple of lunch hours at work. All it took was a few minutes on YouTube to find some great videos on Aliens, Government cover-ups and all sorts of other fascinating (and off the wall) things.
Get Popcorn, order pizza and enjoy.

My favorites (and those safe for office use):

  • Aliens living on Mars/origins
  • Aliens living on the moon
  • Fake moon landing
  • New World Order
  • Illuminati

Nothing can possible make people feel more connected than spending time together helping others. I don’t care if you just walked out of a shouting match with a colleague, serving food at a shelter or sorting food for a Food Bank will mend wounds and bring people together.

Of course, this is just a start. Have fun with it! Also, please post a comment if you have an idea for the list…

In honor of the day, enjoy: