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6 Benefits of Using Free Writing to Generate Ideas

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About Free Writing
Free writing is an extremely useful tool that can be successfully implemented as part of new idea generation or writing methods. Be it blogging, fictional writing, legal documentation or just getting ideas on paper for a new opportunity, free writing can help achieve outstanding results.

The free writing technique is implemented by writing fast and continually without worrying about proper punctuation, spelling, structure, topic or form. It’s an exercise of writing everything that comes to mind without reservation and is a great way to get ideas onto paper extremely quickly without being encumbered by analysis or over thinking. Free writing allows people to reach a level of thinking that goes beyond those that they have through the course of a normal day.

Here are six ways that the free writing technique will improve your writing:

1. Increases Your Creativity
The act of continuous non-stop writing forces your mind to come up with new ideas. Getting these on paper then allows the creative juices in your brain begin to flow. With free writing, the stream of ideas that must be generated will move you through all different topics. The right brain will kick in trying to come up with new areas to explore.

2. Generates New Ideas
Going beyond creativity, you simply do not know what’s buried in your brain until you give this technique a chance. Without the ability to fall back into your regular thought pattern (because of the speed of the task) you’ll generate ideas that you never thought were possible or never thought that you would (or could) have. Free writing helps you to bring new ideas to the surface that may have been hiding in the back of your mind.

Free writing allows you to work through your own issues – without resorting to negativity or complaining.

3. Gets You Unstuck
Whenever you’re stuck in a situation, this technique can help you blast right through that feeling, opening new possibilities and concepts. Whether you’re stuck on a writing project, business plan or in your personal life, getting a stream of ideas down will help move you past the block.

4. Makes You Feel Great!
One of the biggest challenges to a writer is come up with something new and original every time — adding value to the reader. Once complete, this method of idea generation allows you to sit back and review a whole range of different thought directions. Most times, you will amaze yourself with a level of creativity and the sheer volume of material just by pushing yourself. It’s a powerful feeling to reflect on a successful free writing session.

5. Forces You to Think Differently
One of the biggest problems is the regurgitation of your own ideas. Every writer or blogger has “fallen into a rut” where your topic seems to be similar no matter what you try to write. Free writing forces your mind to think in different ways outside of your normal. Like using a mind map, it helps you to explore different ideas from different points of view and make connections that never existed before.

6. Creates a Chain Reaction of New Thoughts
It is often surprising how quickly you get focused on getting the words written down. As ideas come, all it takes is one slight deviation to your thought pattern and your writing goes in an entirely new direction. You may start with getting ideas for a new blog post and end up writing the first paragraph of your next novel!

Free writing is one of the most useful tools for generating ideas, getting unstuck or increasing your creativity level. It can be done in very little time and forces you to think in new and exciting ways. If you’ve never tried free writing, start with a small topic in mind, set a time limit then get writing and let your mind explore.