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Goal Setting

July 24, 2010

My July 24, 2010 picture

Where I was on July 24, 2010

The idea of setting goals is exciting. You get to sit down, think about your future then try to figure out just how great it’s going to be.

When I was younger, the first step was to find the proper time to set goals. While most people would choose New Years Eve, I would try something different. Sometimes it would be at the start of a new school year. It may be my birthday, a long summer weekend or even extended weekends in winter or spring. The interesting thing about this is that I always seemed to chose a holiday or some other “event” to plan my future from. Inevitably, something else would come up and I would then have to wait until the next vacation to plan – remember, planning only happens on special days!

As you can guess, the results were usually less than complete. I would end up with a half finished planning pyramid, timeline or list and then set it aside. Of course, over the years I got better at setting goals and then following through (trying anyways) but planning always waited for a holiday.

Things change
Recently, I had the opportunity to watch Life In a Day on Netflix. As a social experiment, the filmmakers posed a few simple questions and asked people to film their replies (or any other part of their day.) The only criteria was that it all had to be filmed on July 24, 2010.

The result was over 4500 hours of footage that was cut and edited into a 2 hour movie. Great show and worth the watch.

The change came to me early on in the film as I thought more about their criteria. July 24, 2010 didn’t seem to be any particularly special day but the film combined elements from around the world to show all the greatness out there. It showed happiness, pain, success, failure and everything in between.

Like opening a great wine, waiting for a perfect time to set goals doesn’t exist. Try combining them! Create a special event for yourself.

My life
To me, it was a true testament to the fact that any day can be great. It really hit home the idea that life exists between weekends and holidays. The greatest moments in your life don’t necessarily happen due to planning, rather, they come out of nowhere when you least expect it.

One big positive effect of watching this movie and reflecting on the subject is in my goal setting and planning. I’ve made a much stronger effort to have the process be more fluid. I now realize that a spending time shaping my future is the event and worth celebrating.