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3 Things You Need To Know When Hiring a Personal or Business Coach

Coaching Path

Chosing a personal coach or business coach to help you on your path

Hiring a Personal Coach or Business Coach
Making the decision to hire a personal, life or business coach is an important step to achieving a new level of success. A personal coach is much more than just a person who gives you all the answers! A proper coaching relationship will allow you to make decisions on your own with support, questioning and proper guidance. Here are three important things you need to do prior to hiring a new personal or business coach.

Know Where You Are
The perfect starting point in a coaching relationship is for you to have a solid understanding of your situation. Is it a business problem, a personal or relationship problem or are you stuck on something in your career? What is it that has motivated you to find a coach in the first place? If the coach knows your background, your industry or issues relating to your problem it may help them work through a solution with you.

Know Where You Want To Be
Like setting any goals, you need to have the end result in mind. Although a coach can help you explore areas of personal development, it is up to you to know what a successful coaching relationship is for you. What outcomes do you want? Is this something that is going to be a long term or short-term relationship? How will you know when you have achieved your goal? In the end, the only person who knows whether the relationship has worked as you. Coaching is an excellent way to get help moving from “A to B” but, you have to have an idea about what “B” looks like first.

Know What You Need To Get There
Before you hire your coach, you must determine your coaching needs. This means you should have an idea of how a coach can best support you. It may be that you simply need an independent person to hear your story or someone who will hold you accountable to your promises or targets. It may also be that you need someone to help you get unstuck in a personal or business problem. A good coach will change how they react to you as the relationship grows; however, knowing what you need will make your coach more effective during your time.

Final Word
A coaching relationship can help you work through your problems with greater speed and efficiency; however, the nature of the relationship is really up to you as the client. By following these three easy steps, you will enhance your coaching sessions, increase their effectiveness and heighten their value.