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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

I’ve been looking for a new creative project to work on. After I came up with the initial idea, I was still lacking a “uniqueness” to the concept.

Enter Darwin

Drawing from my own ways to get creative, I started to surf a little through historical archives of great thinkers. In this case, I ended up on a directory of the actual hand-written notes that Charles Darwin kept while travelling on the Beagle. Looking through his notes, I was able to get a sense of his style of writing, things he found interesting and ways that he recorded the information.

The connections in my brain started to fire and an idea simply popped into my head. Creativity at it’s best!

Finding your creativity
In my case, it was a change of mind-set that brought on my break-through. Other times, exploring a new part of the city, walking in a different park or reading something outside of my normal interests makes the difference.

If you’re looking for a breakthrough in your own area, try changing your approach. In fact, try making drastic changes to what you’re thinking and doing. If you’re working on a marketing problem, flip through some operational or mathematics books at the library. If you’re stuck on a blog post, try creating a mind-map, free writing or doodling about your topic. You really never know what’s going to make a new connection and take you in a new, amazing direction!

In my experience, ideas come from everywhere, at any time and without warning. That’s why I always carry either my main notebook journal (where everything goes) or my trusty 3X4 inch index card. When an idea comes, it gets written down. We all know how hard it is to generate a great idea, make sure it’s not lost.

Final Comment
Sometimes taking a break from your project and simply letting your mind wander is the best way to create your next big idea. Change the scenery, talk to people about where you’re stuck and get moving.