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The Leader Who Had No Title: Book Review

Riding the train to downtown each day gives me loads of time to think about life and read about business. Recently, I picked up a book that I have been meaning to read for a long time: The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma. Originally, I had Sharma’s book The Monk Who Sold [...]


He quit reading on page 21

I purchased the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker last week at a second hand store. I was very happy to get it (and a number of other great business books) for only $2.00 each. When I arrived at home I began to flip through the books reading headings, chapter titles [...]


Review: Ender’s Game

On first glance you may be wondering why I would be reviewing a Science Fiction book on a making money website. The answer is this: this book made me take a new look at leadership like nothing else before. I’ve read a ton of books on leadership and success, both biographies and manuals; however, this [...]


Review: Millionaire Maker

I just finished a book called The Millionaire Maker: Act, Think, and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do by Loral Langemeier. The reason I picked this book for the week was because Loral is one of the contributors to The Secret. Since I enjoyed that book so much, I thought I would read more [...]


What To Think About Rich Dad

I’m not sure how to start this post. I originally wanted to write a review of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki and detail all the pros and cons that I have found throughout the book and series. As I read more articles, and found a growing skepticism of Kiyosaki and his [...]


Review of Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach

I was lucky enough to get this book as a gift from a friend. It’s one of the books I’ve walked by one hundred times but never actually picked up to buy. I’m glad I received it when I did! David Bach, who invented the Latte Factor is a personal finance guru with a number [...]


Review of The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton

As I mentioned in my posting Changing My Belief System the bestselling book The Wealthy Barber was the first real financial book I ever read. Not only that, it has truly had the greatest effect on what I am today financially and the direction I have taken personally over the past five years. The Wealthy [...]


Changing My Belief System

In early 2001, I was a normal twenty-something and loved to spend money. I worked in a resort town as a fine dining restaurant server and was bringing in about $100 in tips and $40 in wages each day. I made a lot of money (for a university student) and also spent a lot of [...]