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What Level of Risk Fits?

I’ve become very interested in how some people are so comfortable risking everything and others will play it safe no matter what. I was speaking with a friend the other day regarding real estate investing. We were talking about where a great place to buy inventment property would be. Over the course of the conversation [...]


How Do You Make Your $89,000 Each Year?

I read an article online in a Canadian newspaper today that had the headline: $89,000 puts Canadians in top 5% of tax filers Of course, I had to stop and read this article because it interested me so much. The information comes from the latest Canadian statistics data (Census 2004) showing the percentage of tax [...]


Investing Tactics For High Real Estate Markets

I was talking with my brother today and he told me about an excellent way to be able to invest in rental property, live in an up-scale neighborhood and add additional cash flow into your wallet each month without a high level of income. He knows a girl who traveled across the country for a [...]


What To Think About Rich Dad

I’m not sure how to start this post. I originally wanted to write a review of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki and detail all the pros and cons that I have found throughout the book and series. As I read more articles, and found a growing skepticism of Kiyosaki and his [...]


Apply Creative Thinking To Real Estate Investing

Here is a quick video about applying creative thinking to a real estate opportunity. I like this video (definitely not for the quality) because it expands your thinking a little regardless of the industry you are in. Once you know your business, you can dramatically increase your wealth by simply brainstorming for the numerous opportunities [...]


How Often Should a Blog Stay On Topic?

I was thinking about this question two nights ago as I sat down to write a posting on Real Estate Investing. I had most of it written when I realized that Real Estate Investing has very little to do with the main topic for my blog. While I am not a full-blown ‘Make Money Online’ [...]


Thanks For The Bad Advice Fools

I just read an article by the guys over at The Motley Fool on investing in stocks versus investing in Real Estate. The article is called What Happens When The Boom Goes Bust? They give a great example on how a person who bought a house in 1980 for $76,400 would have a current value [...]


Finding a Mentor and Increasing Wealth

When dealing with success, one sure way to move yourself forward is to find a mentor that will move you forward. When I say this, I don’t mean that you need to go out and hire a high priced personal or professional coach. What I mean is that you need to find people that are [...]


Discussion with my Mortgage Broker

The other day I had a great conversation with my mortgage broker. She detailed some of her recent investments and the continuous upgrading that she and her husband have performed.  I got a great deal of information from this meeting on buying investment property. A few years ago, when I began looking at real estate [...]