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Automate Your Multiple Streams Of Income

I got caught up in the same ideas that every other internet marketer, developer or entrepreneurial addict does: create a big business, build it up and sell it for millions. While I still hold this idea in my head. I’ve come to realize that they true secret to wealth (not to be confused with The [...]


Ignite Your Brand with a Favicon

Creating a successful blog is much more than simply writing great content and supporting the blogging community. Anyone who has decided to create more than just a place to post thoughts and daily happenings needs to approach their blog like a business, rather than a hobby. If you look at other businesses, both on and [...]


Using Articles To Drive Free Traffic To Your Blog

Just before I started this blog a friend of mine introduced me to Article Marketing. The premise behind Article Marketing is to write articles that target specific words or phrases that are highly searched but have few ‘optimized search results’. If you can find these sets of words and get an article posted on a [...]